Halli is a small village in the former municipality of Kuorevesi, now part of the city of Jämsä. At the end of 2017, the village had 964 inhabitants. Halli was the administrative center of the municipality of Kuorevesi.

Halli is the center of Finnish aviation technology. Two monuments, the Draken fighter placed in the center of the village and the market square named after the Karhumäki pilot brothers, remind us of Halli’s long history in aviation. After the Karhumäki brothers, the most famous person from Halli was probably Janne, who robbed the loval post office in the 19th century and got an opera composed of his life.

Close to the city center are Patria’s aircraft factory, Hallinportti aviation museum and Hallin Janne restaurant. The aircraft factory originated from the aircraft factory founded by the Karhumäki brothers at the beginning of the Second World War. The functions of the State Aircraft Factory were also transferred to Halli during the war. The basic services of Halli include a library, primary school, fire station, health center, dentist, service house, grocery story, department store, bar, gas station and several hairdressers.

The Air Force garrison, also known as the “Halliwood”, included:

  • The Air Force Technical School (abbreviated ILMAVTK) that operated in Halli until the end of 2013
  • Halli airport (military airport)
  • The Air Force test Flight Center, which was part of the then Air Force Material Facility and operated at Halli airport until the end of June 2013.
  • A unit of the Finnish Construction Administration

In total, at the beginning of 2013 the Technical School employed about 120 and the entire garrison about 150 people. In 2014, there were only a few people in the military who were in charge of the operation of the military airport.

Source: Wikipedia.org